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Turn Back Time: Milk Paint Recipe

A little information on how to make Milk Paint. The following information comes from my own experiences and some of it is borrowed from tried and true professionals. It is of my own opinion that the easiest way to make milk pain is as follows…. milk, lime, and pigment (touch of water).

— Hydrated lime (available at most home and garden supply stores)
— Water
— Pigment (powder or liquid)
— Whole milk (at room temperature)

1. Fill a container with one to two cups of hydrated lime. Gradually add water and stir until you have a thick paste.

2. In a separate container, do the same with the pigment powder.  2 to 4 tablespoons of pigment should be enough for a small batch.

3. Gradually add milk to the lime paste…it needs to be like heavy whipping cream. Then add the pigment paste and mix into all of the ingredients are blended well.

Courtesy of DIY (Joe Provey):

You can buy pigments at many hardware and artist supply stores. Avoid using pigments made from toxic compounds. Here’s a good online source for non-toxic pigments. You will have to experiment with pigments to achieve the color you want. Be sure to buy plenty of white pigment, as you’ll be using a lot of it. It comes in two forms: titanium dioxide and zinc. The former is a bit more opaque.

You can make many of your own colorants using natural ingredients but the process is a lot more time-consuming than making paint alone. Also, the colors produced through home-brewed dyes are more subtle than store-bought pigments. If you do want to make homemade pigment, try these methods:

— Add water to steel wool for a red rust coloring.
— Try simmering everything from berries and vegetables to bark and leaves to create the dyes. Blackberries, for example, make a strong dye.
— Brew coffee or many tea to create neutral tones.
— Boil peach or crab apple leaves for greens.
— Use store-bought juice concentrates, such as blueberry and cranberry, to create pleasing tints.


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